Ing.-Buero Querin GmbH – Same Service, new Look!

It has been a long-time companion. Almost 35 years to date. Unchanged!
A symbol of Quality and Reliability.
From the very first print by a dot matrix printer, onwards to a black and white ink-jet, then a black and white laser printer, until now, finally – digital print - Unchanged!

As our „Thank-You gift“ for 35 years of loyalty, we let it dress up nicely and put on some colors!

We are happy to present: “Q”

Our new company logo will be the leader of the future Ing.-Buero Querin GmbH Corporate Identity.
We are very much looking forward to the next 35 years!

While we were at it, we have also put in some work into our online presence.
On our newly designed website you will now also find an online store for our products including new equipments, spare parts, reconditioned equipment, and consumables.

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