GPS Rollover Problem Thrane

GPS Rollover Problem THRANE Inmarsat-C TT

Dear customers,

without any prior notice from the manufacturer, a large number of INMARSAT-C systems - THRANE TT-3026 Mini-C - have been affected by a GPS rollover during the past week.

Due to the GPS rollover, the device is no longer able to correctly determine the date and time and thus resets the determined time to the year 2003.

This is particularly problematic for systems that are used for LRIT and/or SSAS, as all reports are sent out with the wrong time and date stamp.

Since the manufacturer discontinued the product TT-3026 some time ago, there is no possibility to solve the problem via an update.

A retrofit is absolutely necessary.

Taking the above circumstances into account, we would therefore like to ask you to contact us as soon as possible to check to what extent the ships in your fleet are affected.

Below you find the official statement of the manufacturer.

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